About the CIRP CSI Conference

The CIRP Surface Integrity Conference will be held in hybrid mode.

The 6th CIRP Conference on Surface Integrity (CIRP CSI 2022) is organized by ENISE, which is part of ECOLE CENTRALE DE LYON. It will be held between the 8th and 10th of june 2022 in Lyon, France. The CSI2022 will be a forum for sharing knowledge between academics, industrial researchers and engineers in the field of workpiece surface integrity and its impact on the performance/behavior of parts.

The topics that will be discussed in the conference are :

  • Effects of manufacturing processes and surface treatments on surface integrity:
- Cutting, Finishing and Superfinishing processes,
- Forming,
- Non conventional processes (electro discharge machining, chemical machining,...),
- Additive manufacturing and post processing,
  • Simulation and modeling of surface integrity,
  • Surface engineering,
  • Surface and subsurface caracterisation methods (Surface topography, Residual Stresses, Microstructure),
  • Relationship between surface integrity and surface performance,
  • Advanced materials (metal, composite,..) and Coatings.

The CIRP Surface Integrity Conference will be held in hybrid mode.

Online participants will be able to attend all 3 parallel sessions of the conference (French time), as well as the keynotes. The TEAMS application will be used to access the 3 sessions. Of course, due to the time difference, the morning program will be easily accessible for participants from Asia and the afternoon program will be easily accessible for participants from America. Therefore, speakers from Asia will be scheduled in the morning and speakers from America in the afternoon.

In addition, all speakers will be asked to record their oral presentation before the conference. Thus, during the 3 days of the conference, participants will be able to watch these pre-recorded videos at any time via streaming on the conference website

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